Meet Steve Koven

Steve Koven is a jazz pianist, producer, educator and composer. He has toured the world performing concerts as a solo pianist and as part of the Steve Koven Trio, who have been together since 1993. Koven’s music composition master classes and clinics have also brought him to all corners of the world, from China to Barbados to the USA. A veteran musician like Steve Koven knows full well the extent to just how powerful music can be. “Music is a healer for me, all of us. We go through sad times, happy times, and music can bring you there and also music can trigger a memory and emotion, it’s powerful,” said Steve Koven. “So, I think it is really vital what Music Can Heal is doing.” Steve Koven i

Kristin Lindell speaks about why she joined Music Can Heal

Kristin Lindell has provided her soulful, sultry vocals and acoustic music to several of Music Can Heal’s events, most notably to Alzheimer patients at Mosaic Home Care, as well as at Toronto General Hospital. “When I was at Mosaic I saw the looks of people’s faces when they recognized the song I was singing and they knew the words, their faces absolutely lit up with joy,” Lindell recalled on her experiences at Mosaic Home Care. “Just to think that I was contributing to a moment of cohesion for them where they are integrating their emotions and their experiences - that really moved me. It’s definitely the more you give, the more you get back.” Though Lindell has been studying sound healing f

Meet Co-Founder, Ann-Marie Boudreau

Ann-Marie Boudreau, ARTC, holds an Associateship in Concert Performance with the Royal Conservatory of Music, is a Reiki Master, Soundwork Practitioner, improvisational vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Founder Talia Woolridge targeted Boudreau, who would become one of the founding board members of Music Can Heal, due to her extensive work in the field of music and healing. For over 12 years she has performed in hospices, hospitals, residences and long-term care before MCH. Boudreau also teaches at the Transformational Arts College in the Spiritual Director program which includes work in the area of death and dying as well as teaching the College sound program “The Healing Power of Sound”.

Meet Co-Founder Debbie Danbrook

Debbie Danbrook is a composer and recording artist who specializes in meditation, relaxation and healing. Danbrook is the first woman to have mastered the Shakuhachi flute, an ancient Japanese instrument. Danbrook describes the Shakuhachi as more than just an instrument, but as a type of Zen and as a spiritual tool. Though she describes having been on a spiritual path since an early age, her learning to master the ancient flute was the true beginning of her journey of using music to heal. When founder Talia heard Debbie Danbrook playing with Anne-Marie Boudreau, they all decided that it was the perfect time and opportunity to use their talents and expertise to help in palliative care. It was

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