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Meet Co-Founder, Ann-Marie Boudreau

Ann-Marie Boudreau, ARTC, holds an Associateship in Concert Performance with the Royal Conservatory of Music, is a Reiki Master, Soundwork Practitioner, improvisational vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Founder Talia Woolridge targeted Boudreau, who would become one of the founding board members of Music Can Heal, due to her extensive work in the field of music and healing.

For over 12 years she has performed in hospices, hospitals, residences and long-term care before MCH. Boudreau also teaches at the Transformational Arts College in the Spiritual Director program which includes work in the area of death and dying as well as teaching the College sound program “The Healing Power of Sound”.

Boudreau also co-founded the Sound, Breath & Energy Group in support of individuals facing long-term and terminal illness. Her work, ultimately, is about meeting the needs of the human spirit, experience, and soul. “So many times I’ve seen people shift within themselves, relaxing and often lowering their stress levels,” Boudreau said of her experiences and the effect of her music.

Music Can Heal has been the perfect fit for Boudreau.

“I think [Music Can Heal] is serving a need for the greater public that is very much required these days,” said Boudreau. “I think it is also an area that is left to the wayside because people are uncomfortable with death or long-term illnesses…there are not many groups (like Music Can Heal) that are prominent so I am glad to support this wonderful organization.”

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