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Another Fabulous Night at the Jazz Bistro

In November 2018, we hosted three fabulous fundraising concerts to showcase our diverse musicians. Jazz Bistro hosted by Ori Dagan was by far the talk of the town and for good reason! Christopher Simmons, Heather Luckhart, Andrea Boudaud, Ros Kindler and special guests banded together to create some memorable musical moments!

The same weekend, ArrayMusic generously hosted our annual Sonic Escapes with Debbie Danbrook, Ann-Marie Boudreau, Deep Ganguly, Chris Gartner, Christopher Simmons and Talia Wooldridge. And the following week, Free Times Cafe hosted a Coffee Night for use to showcase our talented singer-songwriters, including: Alexandra Babiak, Kristin Lindell, Nicole Lisa Craig, Brian Katz, Michael Moon, Singing Through Life Choir.

Lastly, a special thanks to Dawn Devi, a pianist with our organization, who graciously hosted a piano soiree to fundraise for us at The Tranzac Club.

Hope to see you in November 2020 so we can do it all again :)

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