"Music - the quickening art." ~ Kant.

This heart-warming section from the film, "Alive Inside" features Henry, a man silenced by Alzheimers. Henry is a recipient of an iPod, part of the Music and Memory Program. Watch and see how he sparks to life with the familiarity of some of his favorite music. This YouTube video was published April 2012. http://musicandmemory.org/

How Can Sound Heal?

From ancient Egyptian, Greek and Vedic texts to shamanic tribes to modern neuroscience journals and music therapist’s patient files, the power of music – essentially organized sound and its vibration - has been shown to positively affect recovery, help heal, and ease transition for those suffering from illness. As Daniel Levitin points out, music stimulates more parts of the brain at once than any one other activity. Music also stimulates our limbic system, which has been shown to support memory, reduce agitated and aggressive behaviours in dementia patients (when the music is personalized), restructure identity and express when words cannot. It has also been shown to speed up cellular heali

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