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Meet Steve Koven

Steve Koven is a jazz pianist, producer, educator and composer. He has toured the world performing concerts as a solo pianist and as part of the Steve Koven Trio, who have been together since 1993. Koven’s music composition master classes and clinics have also brought him to all corners of the world, from China to Barbados to the USA.

A veteran musician like Steve Koven knows full well the extent to just how powerful music can be.

“Music is a healer for me, all of us. We go through sad times, happy times, and music can bring you there and also music can trigger a memory and emotion, it’s powerful,” said Steve Koven. “So, I think it is really vital what Music Can Heal is doing.”

Steve Koven is one of the newer members of Music Can Heal; however, he brings to the group prior experience of lecturing and performing at retirement homes.

“I’ve done concerts, lectures for [the elderly] and they are the greatest audience. Very appreciative,” said Koven. “It brings back memories for them - you play a song from the ‘20s or ‘30s and you see them light up. It’s great.”

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