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Tracy Martin & Mercedes Rodrigo at Providence Healthcare 

A non-profit organization bringing uplifting, live music to those in need.

What People Are Saying


"I have had the pleasure of having two professional musicians come to our palliative care unit over the last several months to play for our patients. They were intuitive to the patients’ needs and very flexible and accommodating to our environment. They were comfortable engaging with the patients and families and provided music that comforted, inspired and was pleasurable to listen to. I am looking forward to having them come to our unit as often as possible." 

   ~ Tracy Martin, Therapeutic Recreationist, Palliative Care, Providence Healthcare



"This is exactly what we need in the downtown core, thank you!"
   ~ Toronto Reference Library Attendee, of 2019 Summer Concert Series (free)


"The concert on Wednesday was incredible. Thank you for the work that you do – in your organization as well as the beautiful music you create.  It was such a privilege to attend."    ~ Margaret, Concert Attendee, 


"I wanted to thank-you once again for coming in last Friday to play for the patients. Staff and patients both told me directly what an impact the music made. One of the patients who attended, who usually has difficulty staying out of bed, stayed the whole time and told me how much he enjoyed it. Another patient, who used to play the harp at the O'Keefe Centre, told me she also enjoyed your talent. Thanks for the CD as well. It will be put to great use. If you ever want to come again let me know."

    ~ Amber Hall, Recreation Therapy, Sunnybrook Holland Centre


"I was happy to be part of Toronto General's Heart and Soul music program back in 2013 where I performed as part of a Ladino trio. I'm currently in NYC working on my Masters in Performance and am also working at the YWCA in Queens with their music after school program. Recently a parent told us that it is only in the music program that her child (who has aggression issues) settles down and is the only thing he looks forward to each week. Music helps all of us heal - whatever our current situation."   ~ Conor Hall, musician

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