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University of Toronto's Music & Health Research Collaboratory: MaHRC

Room 217 Foundation Bibliography

International Society for Music and Medicine (Germany)


Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's Center for NeuroAcoustic Research (California)

The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy
McGill's BRAMS - Int'l Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research


Robert Zatorre's ZLab (McGill)

Ryerson University's SMART Lab for Research in Music Cognition + links!




Alzheimer's Support - US reference website

Music and Meditation for Stress-Relief - Gideon Waxman

Sound-Stimulation Could Help Alzheimer's Patients - CTV News video & text

Waking up the brain with sound - CBC radio interview

Music, Health and Well-being: A Review - Raymond A.R. MacDonald, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPS


The Power of Music in Caregiving - Healing Sounds & Playlists - Sally Abrahms, AARP.


Dr. Andres Lozaro, neurosurgeon, Deep Brain Stimulation - TED Talk video here


Dr. Kendall Lee explains Deep Brain Stimulation - article & video here


"Healing Mozart? The Science of Music in Medicine" by Claudius Conrad, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital - video

"How Music Helps to Heal the Injured Brain: Therapeutic Use Crescendos Thanks to Advances in Brain Science" by Michael Thaut, Ph.D. and Gerald McIntosh, M.D.- read here

"Music and Pain Relief" Psychology Today. 2011. by Jeanette Bicknell, Ph.D. - read here


"New Toronto centre hopes to lead the way in music and medicine research" - read here

"Lee Bartel: Music as Medicine" The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO - view video

"Exploring Music’s Hold on the Mind" Interview with Dr. Aniruddh D. Patel (music & Alzheimers) - read here

"Can Music Heal Us? The Latest Scientific Findings" by Peter Van Houten M.D.- read here

Music & Dopamine/Emotion Study (McGill U) - read here

The Neurosciences and Music (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, V. 999) - order here

Prof. Gary Marcus Picks up a Guitar - read here

Articles on Music & Neuroscience - read here

Articles on Music & Neuroscience from NYU - read here

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