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Providence Healthcare
We have been providing music to the palliative wing at Providence for a number of months.
Kensington Market Jazz Festival
Proud to be a friend and contributor to this fine autumn jazz festival in Toronto.
Mosaic Home Care
Mosaic Home Care serves people of all ages and needs in the Greater Toronto Area, including York Region. Mosaic was started with the belief that there was something missing in the home care industry. They bring passion for home care, compassion to care, and a commitment to educate and inform through a vast resource centre to make a difference in your life, or the life of a loved one.
University Health Network
Toronto General Hospital launched our first series of atrium concerts in a hospital setting. Music Can Heal featured most of our talented musicians as part of the Heart & Soul Concert series from 2011-2013, when the program ceased operation.
Since then, Donald Quan, Steve Koven and Asher Ettinger have performed as part of Princess Margaret Hospital's Jazz for the Soul series.
Musicians On Call
Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in US healthcare facilities. Since 1999, we have performed for over half a million individuals and counting!
Room 217 Foundation
Bev Foster is one of the first supporters of Music Can Heal. Talia and Bev met in Lee Bartel's class at the University of Toronto and discussed the necessity of more live music in hospitals, especially given the budget cuts to on-staff music therapists.
The Dorothy Ley Hospice
The Dorothy Ley Hospice is Ontario's largest subsidized hospice. We are partnering with them to provide palliative training to musicians while bringing music to their residents.
Royal Conservatory of Music
We have partnered with Royal Conservatory of Music to bring live music to their doorstep for Open Doors Toronto in August and September 2016!
The Music-Heals Project (MHP)
The Music-Heals Project (MHP) is the brainchild of Dr. Christopher Duma. After testing nearly 100 patients, it became clear what was loved and what was hated. It became clear that personalized music itself could be used as a therapy for patients with Alzheimer's Disease, Autism, Parkinson's Disease, etc. We took the top 12 compositions as chosen by the patients themselves, and created the "Symphonic Suite for Healing."
Bread & Roses
Inspired by a 1912 poem by James Oppenheim, Mimi Fariña selected "Bread & Roses" to convey the spirit of the nonprofit she founded in 1974 to bring the healing power of music and other live art to institutionalized children, teens, adults, and elders.
Music for Healing & Transition Progr
The Music for Healing & Transition Program, Inc.™ (MHTP) professionally trains and certifies musicians to provide live therapeutic music at the bedside to create a healing environment. They collaborate with healthcare facilities and community organizations to educate about, and promote research in, the effectiveness of therapeutic music in the healing process and the life/death transition.
120 Diner
Join us for our monthly residency after work series at 120 Diner at 120 Church St. Toronto. The perfect way to unwind after a long day...
Donald Quan's magical Musdieum - an intimate concert venue & gallery of musical instruments from across the world by day. Host to our annual Benefit Concert every November 11, we recommend popping in and getting lost in the world of sound!
Arts in the Parks
We are pleased to be a part of the fantastic summer programming to animate Toronto parks outside of the downtown core! Bravo to Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation for making this project come to life!
Rhythm & Mindfulness
Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness (TRM) is an innovative program that integrates the evidence based treatments of therapeutic rhythm (group drumming, music making, imagery), mindfulness, and emotional reflection in a positive and safe group atmosphere. TRM is designed to enhance positive emotions, such as vitality, joy and well-being, increase social connectedness and mindful awareness, and reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue, and overall negative mood disturbance.
Toronto Arts Council
We are grateful to Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation to be the honoured recipient to bring our summer concert series to Earl Bales Park, Barry Zukerman Ampitheatre as part of the Arts in the Parks intiative!
Culture Days
Underpant Communications
Underpant Communications has been an integral part of our 2016 design campaign for our Arts in the Parks Summer Concert Series. They offer in-house design and high-quality printing for all types of jobs. Thank you Frank, Miko & Sumon for all of your help and expertise!
Pedestrian Sunday Kensington
PSK is a favourite summer street festival in Toronto for people of all ages. We have joined forces to bring music from around the globe to this exciting event on the last Sunday of every month from May to October!
Health Arts Society
The Health Arts Society formed around the time Music Can Heal was an idea. We were in touch and they encouraged our work as we cater to a wider audience of those in need. Since 2006, Health Arts Society has brought over 10,000 high-quality professional Concerts in Care have brought the rich experience of performance arts to people in residential care.
Ricker Choi's Music Heals Concerts
Ricker Choi is a talented and dedicated concert pianist who raises funds for various charities through his personal piano concerts. Watching Ricker play is a gift in itself; to know that your concert ticket proceeds benefit amazing charitable works in the GTA is phenomenal. We met Ricker while searching for a name for our organization - it was he who suggested music CAN heal, in reference to Canada and the possibilities that sound and music can have in recovery.
Conor Hall, Ladino Trio
Conor Hall and the Ladino Trio performs at Toronto General Hospital. https://www.conorhallmusic.com/
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Room 217 Foundation

Bev Foster is one of the first supporters of Music Can Heal. Talia and Bev met in Lee Bartel's class at the University of Toronto and discussed the necessity of more live music in hospitals, especially given the budget cuts to on-staff music therapists.

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